Animal Help Mezdra

One of the first adopted dogs

To adopt a stray animal is a noble deed, which save lives. Choosing that kind of pet, you help to solve the problem of stray animals and at the same time acquire a loyal friend.

Most animals in shelters and foundations have gone a period of adaptation in a foster home. People ther can inform you about the peculiarities of their character. Dogs that can adopt are dewormed, vaccinated and neutered (if you have reached the required age). They will not give you an animal with health or behavioral problem without informing you about it.

Before adopt a stray animal, do not forget that the caring for an animal is a big responsibility and the decision should be well thought out by the whole family in the long run.

The policy of shelters and foundations is not rehoming a stray dog at all costs. In order of safety and normal life in the future family and to make sure that the dog will satisfy the requirements and capabilities of adoptive, applicants fill out a questionnaire and / or being interviewed and, if possible pre familiar with the dog.

If approved, between shelter / foundation and adoptive parents sign a contract in which the shelter / Foundation undertakes to provide assistance in case of problems with the adopted animal, and to take it back if the adoptive parents can't make further adequate care to your pet.

Adopting dog, you save the life of a friend!

The number of euthanized animals can be reduced dramatically if more people adopt from shelters instead of buying dogs. As adoption of shelter, you are saving the lives of two dogs - one becomes your pet, giving place to another, which probably otherwise would have died on the street. So if you are considering getting a dog for your family, consider well all of the above, especially the opportunity to adopt a friend. You will be pleased with the effect. If you already have a good impression of adopting an animal, you know what we mean. If you do not have a list of characteristics that you want to hold your dog as law and focus in this example may not need a lot of exercise, do not pull much, not great/or be great to be able to lives in an apartment/out, is socialized, than your dog still waiting behind a grille and every day discouraged that you will come.

If you already have a pet and you can not give home to another dog, but you have the opportunity for some time to take a dog in distress, you can become a foster home.